Outpost for marine research and accommodation in Bangka Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Bangka Island - North Sulawesi - Indonesia

Coral Eye is located on Bangka Island. Bangka is a small island situated at north of Manado, on the northeast tip of Sulawesi - Indonesia. It is in western Pacific Ocean, between the Celebes Sea to the west and the Moluccas Sea to the east.

Bangka is within the Coral Triangle area, the global epicentre of marine biodiversity.

Bangka is part of an Island group that includes Kinabohutan, Tindila, Gangga and Talisei. Bangka is very well known for its idyllic beaches and famous dive spots that are attracting scuba divers from all over the world.

Coral Eye rises out of the greenery of a tropical garden filled with coconut trees and native plants. It is lying in between a lush tropical jungle and a long white sand beach that is shared with some local fishermen families.

 The Centre overlooks one Km white/pink sandy beach that is divided in two by a small volcanic cape.

 The island has three main coastal villages: Lihunu the largest, Kahuku and Libas. There are no real roads on Bangka, but it is possible to trek the jungle and visit few villagers in the fisherman local village of Busa Bora, nearby the Centre.

 Bangka’s area is quite big: 4,778 hectares, it’s a rich land and full of forests, mangroves, pristine beaches, rocky outcrops, hills, shrubs coconut plantations and orchards.

The reef in front of the Centre is not deep and slopes gently to a sandy bottom at about sixteen meters. On the right side, behind another volcanic cape, there are spectacular mangroves that grow from the sea to the land, disclosing different marine environments with the tidal flow.

Underwater Bangka offers several spots, from richly colonized volcanic pinnacles to sandy bottoms and typical walls.

Thanks to many coral reefs that attract tropical fish species, it is possible to see white and black tip reef sharks, napoleon fish, frogfish, pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs and also dugongs. Sometimes it is even possible to swim with dolphins. Bangka dive spots are not the place for very large pelagic.

At only one hour by boat we can visit Lembeh’ s Strait or Tangkoko’ s Nature Reserve.

On the land it is possible to see typical animals of this area like tarsiers, a nocturnal arboreal primate, common cuscus, varanus, maleo, Javanese deer and wild boar.

Bangka represents a romantic dimension where local people live capitalizing on all the possibilities that the island offer. Many of them work as fishermen and many as farmers since the island is full of agricultural products as coconuts, copra, cloves, maize and vegetables.

Other islanders work as civil servants or as teachers in resorts with the specialization in diving and/or snorkelling.

Our island is magical!

Diving in Bangka's Archipelago

Diving is possible all year around, best time is from April to September.

Water normally around 28° to 29° with some cold upwellings (24°to 26°) specially in summer.

Visibility mostly very good (30mt) in summer, decreasing in winter by the action of waves and rain. 

We provide Alluminium cylinders 12lt, INT connections. To minimize our impact on the natural ecosystem, gloves are not allowed.

Coral Eye can organize 2 morning dives by boat, 1 afternoon dive by boat, 1 night dive from the jetty every day. Coral Eye management will feel free to change the schedule according weather conditions and number of divers. 

Coral Eye diving center has a limited choice of diving equipment; please advise us before if you need to rent it.

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North Sulawesi has a typical equatorial climate with two seasons: rainy and dry.

Starting in September, cool North Western wind picks up moisture while crossing the South China Sea and arrives in the Sulawesi Sea around November. The wet season lasts from November to March, but it is usually less pronounced than in many other parts of Southeast Asia and thus it is not really a serious concern in North Sulawesi.

How to get there

The first step to reach Coral Eye is to arrive in Manado, the provincial capital of North Sulawesi.

Manado international airport has regular international flight service to/from Singapore operated by Silkair on Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat. It's also connected to Jakarta, Denpasar-Bali and Makassar by Garuda Indonesia or Lionair, both offering daily flights, 7 days a week. If you need to buy tickets for domestic flight, check on www.nusatrip.com

The second step to reach Coral Eye is to arrive on Bangka Island.

From Manado you have to reach Likupang village with a 40 minutes taxi journey from the airport or with a 2h public bus journey from Manado (Paal II bus terminal). There you can get either a local boat (approximately 40 minutes transfer time)  or a public boat (1 hr, usually it leaves at 14.30) to Pulau Bangka.

Coral Eye can provide a complete transfer upon request by a private car and private speed boat. Our transfer is available from 7AM to 4PM.