Outpost for marine research and accommodation in Bangka Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sojourn at Coral Eye

Telling about a place never comes easily.                                     Too many details and shades. Salty air, wind blowing on your face, pond and backwash sound from waves of the sea. A landscape with its brilliant colors which stir up its beauty.                             This is Coral Eye, and even more.                                                    It’s a place made up of tales, stories, lives where traditions and cultures mix, fuse and increase themselves together. The big central table receives and gathers up everyone and just around that table the deepest bonds take life.                                      Owners are passionate, nature lovers, idealist and romantic persons. Their desire was to create a dimension where there was a thin and invisible line between what you must do and you want to do.                                                                                                That’s why Coral Eye is not lived as ordinary resort, but as a place where students, travellers and tourists can let themselves go and where most of times they wish to come back for a while.


The word “Island” evokes in our minds envisage of sun, sea, wind, smells, colours, sounds and the idea to ​​spend holidays in a place so idyllic. It immediately generates inside us a sensation of wellbeing.

Suddenly we feel relaxed and surrounded by a special dimension in which the time seems to stop taking us back to a natural state.

But what does really offers an island quite remote as Bangka? What are the possible activities to do at our Centre?

 The concept of Coral Eye was developed with the intent to fulfil most needs. It is not only a place to relax but also a place where most of different interests can emerge and interact together. For this it can offers as many activities as you wish. Some of them are:

- Incredible diving, snorkelling and free diving for lovers of the marine world.

- Boat trips around the seas of the North on the pristine islands or on mangrove.

- Jungle trekking to get in real contact with the local culture for earth lovers.

- Practice of oriental disciplines to relax the body and mind.

- Lessons of marine biology for the most enthusiastic researchers.

Often we also organize parties on the beach cheered up by good local music and the interaction of different cultures.

Sometimes images speak louder than words and they always arrive before .........

Ecotourism and Social Responsibility.


Our vision. Our scheme.

Ecotourism principles we share are:

  • minimize impact;
  • build environmental and cultural awareness and respect; 
  • provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts;
  • provide direct financial benefits for conservation;
  • provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people;
  • raise sensitivity to host countries' political, environmental, and social climate.

By choosing Coral Eye, even just for a holiday of relax, guests can feel and live the environment around, sustaining and helping us to preserve it better and protect it. Coral Eye together with the other resorts of Bangka create the Bangka Conservation Fund, in order to protect the island and help the villager.  Besides, guests of Coral Eye, support the research programs through their vacation.

A significant example is our scholarship program, Platform that we donate for marine biology students.  

People, projects and interactions that step by step build the foundations to a path that is aware of its surroundings.

Before you arrive....

Electric power availability from 6.30 - 9.30 / 17.30 - midnight.

Interent w-fi connection available.

Bring a flashlight for night time.

We decide to not provide beach and boat towels, to minimize pollution from soaps, please bring yours.

Payment by credit card is not accepted, we prefer Euro and Indonesian RP.