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Zirbad liveaboard, exploring North Sulawesi:

One of his biggest passions is sailing.

When he lived in Italy, he explored every little corner of the Mediterranean seas. He could spend his life living on the sea, in the sea and by the sea.Then his life changed: one day Marco choose to change his life radically and he build his little nest in a lost paradise. He built it here, in Indonesia and in there his passions have found space and fulfillment.

After some years in Indonesia, Marco met an Italian traveller girl, Ilaria and they start to know each other and realize to have the same ideas about life. They love nature and the sea in all its forms, more than anything else in the world.

For these reasons they decided to realize together a new project called Zirbad.

Zirbad is a pleasant boat devoted to adventures and adventurers. In the past years she sailed through the majority of the Indonesian seas.

From 2016 she will be part of the Coral Eye’s world and the routes will always be different depending on the seasons and winds.

We could organize from a single daily cruises to middle range cruises around archipelago of Bangka / Bunaken until a long range cruises around different archipelago of North East Indonesia like Sanghie, Maluku, Togian and Raja Ampat.

The spirit of adventure that distinguishes Marco, Ilaria and their sexy boat will lead the real dreamers and romantic people to live the Indonesia Archipelago in a completely and new unexpected way.

It will be not the classic cruise on the big boat and known route but something different.

The idea is to mix activities and passions together. The ingredients will be sailing, trekking and excursion. Not only snorkeling and free diving but also hiking hills, mountains, volcanoes, enjoy romantic sunrise on the boat while having great time, enjoying long white sandy beaches, exploring the old local forgotten and unknown village.

The small capacity of the boat makes the cruises aboard Zirbad particularly friendly and cozy, the boat is a perfect solution for small groups of friends, families or couples who can easily charter and customize all their trip with fine details to get the most unforgettable and private experience in the Indonesian archipelago.

Come to enjoy with us our new adventure!

Our Cruise in collaboration with Coral Eye:

  • Daily Trip: Leaving from Coral Eye in the morning, just after breakfast. Sail to a nice spot around Bangka Archipelago. Enjoy some snorkeling, relax on the beach and explore around by the tender. Have a tasty lunch on board, a good nap and enjoy the afternoon again on the sea or having a nice trekking on the island. Sailing back to Coral Eye enjoying the sunset.
  • Short Cruise (1 to 3 nights): Leaving from Coral Eye, sailing around Bangka's archipelago looking for the best spot on Bangka, Gangga and Talisei Islands. Enjoying some snorkeling, trekking, relax on the wild beach and visit to the little villages around and the mangrove forest. Sailing back to Coral Eye to a comfortable check-out. This option could include a night in the Bunaken national park for a great snorkeling or a night close to Tangkoko National park for some trekking.
  • Cruise (3 to 7 nights): from Coral Eye or Pantai Surabaya and sailing around the Bangka's archipelago first.Then heading to the wild and beautiful archipelago of Sanghie for some exploration. Crazy trekking on the volcanos, beautiful beach and some very interesting snorkeling spot in a place that still far away from tourism and civilization. Back to Coral Eye or Pantai Surabaya again for check-out.

For divers, is possible to organize some dive in collaboration with Coral Eye's diving centre. Meet the diving boat directly on the diving spot around Bangka's Archipelago.

Our cruise, route and organization are very flexible to meet your needs, and realize a tailor made cruise for you. Contact us to talk about your idea.

All trip follow the seasonal weather condition and some details could change without previous notice due to the weather forecast.


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